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This project finished on Friday the 11th of September, 2015

£1,146 was raised by 43 supporters — that's teamwork!

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South Bristol's only Drug and Alcohol Support Services will close unless we bridge our funding gap.

We face closure and need your help...

Hawkspring is a drug and alcohol support service offering a holistic approach to recovery, for all members of the family. We support people in South Bristol and surrounding areas from our base in Hartcliffe.

Hartcliffe is one of the most deprived areas in England. It ranks amongst the poorest 5% on the UK index of multiple deprivation.

It is a vital assessable support service for the whole family; we help the user, the carers & loved ones and the children who are living with substance misuse.

Our three main services:

1. Supporting children living with parental substance misuse.

2. Supporting adults needing support to become abstinent from drug/ alcohol misuse.

3. Supporting carers, loved ones & family members impacted by drugs/ alcohol.



We have supported 900 people over the last 18 months; the demand for our services is the highest it’s been in 12 years.

We deal with crisis situations every day and give out food vouchers and use of telephone for local people to make important phone calls, as well as supporting people with benefits, housing, debts, mental health issues etc.

This service has a good trusted relationship with south Bristol communities and if we close our doors on the 28th August it will have a massive affect on the local community, we set up personal plans and stick with people throughout their recovery journey.

This much needed centre is at the heart of saving lives and trying to build better communities.

The closure of Hawkspring will have a devastating impact in Bristol and the local area. 

We have funding from 

·         Bridge Foundation

·         Linnet Trust

·         Volant Trust

·         Souter Charitable trust

but need to cover the gap.

Hawkspring will close unless we raise £50,000. This crowdfunding campaign is one part of an ongoing fundraising appeal but small donations mean a lot. We are working on a range of other funding options but NEED your help to get there.

  • £100  provides support for a whole family affected by addiction
  • £75    covers the cost of providing advice, support and information to a group of people
  • £50    pays for an addiction treatment session for someone addicted to drugs
  • £25    helps towards our drug and alcohol prevention scheme for children and young people
  • £10    covers the cost of the helpline for one hour

Your donation will make a life-changing difference to children, adults, families and the community.

Every penny helps us to provide essential services within a community where there is high levels of need for local support.

If you can't make a donation, please help us by sharing this project.

For local companies we are seeking long term partnerships with your business


  • On-going monetary contribution / donations
  • An annual contribution / donation
  • Offer of goods and services
  • Impact in the local community:
  • A local company making a
  • difference to a local charity
  • Educational sessions held within
  • your offices twice a year
  • Phone advice re: drugs / alcohol
  • Invitations to Events / AGM
  • Recognition on all Hawkspring
  • material (vice versa).
  • A full financial annual report

Please help us bridge our funding gap and continue our valuable work.



pledged of £15,000 goal (GBP)

8% pledged



This project ended on 11 September 2015

This is a take what you raise project. At the end of the funding period the project owner receives all of the pledged funds.

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