'Sound of a City' - a documentary about live music in Bristol


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An original documentary celebrating Bristol's live music renaissance

What it's about: When you say 'Bristol music' to people around the world many will think of names such as Massive Attack, Portishead and Roni Size. These artists marked a point in the city's history after which electronic music started to move into the mainstream. Now it is exists not so much in the underground but everywhere, almost universally loved. But there is another undiscovered scene thriving in the corners of the city today, a new underground, similarly influenced by decades of diverse musical styles and firmly rooted in the population's history and cultures.

Sound of a City will be exploring this live music renaissance. We will be following five emerging artists performing around the city and we'll discover a newly formed, world-class music scene through the eyes of these artists and find out how live music exists in the city today. 

Join us as we discuss what makes up the sound of a city, exploring how music changes and evolves over time, how the past influences the present and how the aesthetic of live performance, prevalent in jazz, reggae, afro-rhythms and soul, endures in our digital age.

To help us along our journey we will be talking to some world famous names to have come out of Bristol as well as many of the most influential venue owners and promoters in the city.


Our aim: Our aim is to make a great documentary, but we want this to be a music project that is bigger than just the film. Over the coming months we will be compiling a catologue of footage from live music shows and interviews around Bristol, and we will edit and share this footage with everyone who pledges towards the project. We think this is great opportunity to discover artists, nights and venues that you may not know about or can't attend and will give you, as a supporter, a much more involved role in the process. 


Who's backing the project?: We have support from the following individuals and organisations, including Colston Hall and the Bristol ambassador for music James Morton:



Who we are: We are a group of 3 independent film makers: Quincy Andrews (director), Sinead Cooper (producer) and George Godwin (sound). We share a background in TV and a mutual love for music. 


The money: Whilst we have a modest target, this is simply a case of the more we get, the better and more comprehesive we can make the film. Much of the budget will go on keeping our small crew above the breadline for the duration of the shoot and edit. Alongside this, any contributions will go towards practical costs such as a stabiliser to get amazing looking shots on the go, sound equipment to do the music justice, plus stock footage, insurance and all the boring stuff that we need to pay for.

*UPDATE* Due to the hugely positive reaction to the project, we have a new stretch target of £3500. This, alongside other sources of income will give us the total budget we were hoping for.


The impact:  Whilst there are many music docs out there we think there are too few that are such an intimate portrait of music on its most basic, grass roots level and we believe there are many like-minded music obsessives out there who want to see this film.

Not only will this film give an insight into musician's lives, this film will focus heavily on the context of music in history. We will be drawing narrative strands from as far back as the 1940s to see how musical influences have impacted the scene today. By doing this we can not only study how music changes and impacts over time, and we will be able to see a living, breathing example of this, but we will also be able to explore how live music can thrive in a world often dominated by electronic music and where its place in the future lies.

Once made, we will be putting on pop-up cinemas around Bristol which we will let you all know about. This will be a chance for community to come, have a glass of wine, watch the film and hopefully see a bit of live music too, before the film heads off around the festival circuit.


Thanks for reading, and thanks for donating. Big love.


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£5 – Updates, photos and more!

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You will be added to our exclusive mailing list and gain access to our updates, photos, inside info and favourite clips from our film footage - so you can share our journey from the comfort of your own chair!

£10 – Digital photo collection + the above

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You will receive a digital folder of our best photographs from the shoot. These will be a lovely insight into the day to day lives of the artists - the performances, the interviews, the rehearsals, the highs, the lows... everything really.

£20 – Soundtrack + all of the above

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All the tracks we are given permission to use as a digital download album. This will be the perfect accompaniment to the film and give you a real taster of what new and exciting up and coming bands are out there (plus some of the big names).

£25 – Soundtrack + original score bonus tracks + all of the above

Sound man and one half of the acclaimed band 'Grapefruit Moon' George will be composing some original tracks for the film. We will give you the album above but with these extra - completely exclusive (as in really no one else except you guys will own them) - bonus tracks.

£35 – Digital copy of the film + plus all of the above

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A digital HD copy of the entire film - and you will get it before the first official screening! Not even the artists would have seen it by then. Although don't tell them that.

£50 – Credit + all of the above

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You will be credited at the end of the film with a special thank you, there for all of Bristol and beyond to see what a huge contribution you have made to the production of this film.

£75 – Invitation to the premiere + all of the above

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Once this labour of love is finally completed we will be inviting everyone involved for the first official screening - and you can come too. Although its not yet organised (bit early!) you can be sure it will involve many of the artists, film makers and partners with a sprinkling of booze, music and a bit of a party.

£150 – Deluxe Package + digital rewards

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You will receive a Deluxe Package release, including a boxed DVD of the documentary, a CD of the included soundtrack and a select number of high quality prints, including band artwork, live photography and behind the scenes photos. You will also receive the first 5 rewards.

£250 – Be a sponsor and have your logo in the credits

Own a small business? This is the chance to get your logo shown to hundreds, thousands, or hopefully more people. We will put your logo in colour in the credits with a special thank you.

£500 – Angel sponsor

Your logo or name shall have a dedicated page alongside the Relevant Films logo. You will be mentioned as our official sponsor in all our marketing campaigns. You will also receive 3 tickets to the premiere plus posters for your office or room.

£500 – Anonymous Angel Sponsor

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If you are a kindly individual with a passion for music here is your chance to make a huge contribution to getting this film made to the best possible standard. You don't need any credit or rewards, just the knowledge you have helped us with our project. The world will smile on you!

£1,000 – Executive Producer

The highest credit and reward we can possibly offer. You will be named in the opening credits as the Executive Producer of 'Sound of a City'. As executive producer you will have creative input into the creation of this film and you will be welcome to join us on any of the shoots. Best of all, you will know that because of your generosity and support, this film got made.

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