Charity, cause, and open ended projects

May 2015

We're starting to see lots more charity and cause-related projects on the site now. For example

These kinds of projects are absolutely welcome here on Fundsurfer as long as they fit into one of our three main categories: creative, social or green.

Charity and cause related projects have very different challenges to creative projects, for example:

  • your project might not have a clearly defined goal
  • your supporters will mainly be your friends and family, or people closely aligned to your cause
  • your audience might be very local, with not much regional or national interest
  • you can make good use of any amount of money pledged, so take what you raise is more attractive than all or nothing
  • you might not offer any rewards

For charity and cause related projects, the best way to get donations is to email your friends and family, and to share the link to your campaign on Facebook.

Open ended projects

We have also recently introduced a new open ended funding model, for projects that don't have a fixed deadline or funding total. 

These projects are more like traditional fundraising campaigns (or tip jars), although you can still take advantage of all of Fundsurfers features, including offering rewards, writing updates for your supporters, and private messaging.

Here are a few examples of open ended projects:

Ready to start your own project?