The best of 2020

January 2021

It's like our very own Oscars - here are Fundsurfer's best fundraising projects of 2020.

(These are all projects that started fundraising in 2020, some of our long-term open-ended projects have raised even more!)


Most backers

Community Care Package - 1,679 supporters

Emergency fund for the Homeless with Give a Sh#t Xmas - 226 supporters

The Man Down Programme - 175 supporters

Aid Box Community - Corona Virus appeal - 151 supporters

Upfest 2020 - 140 supporters


Most money raised

Community Care Package - £44,269

Help Save Trattoria Domenico Italian Restaurant - £16,378


Emergency fund for the Homeless with Give a Sh#t Xmas - £7,857

Aid Box Community - Corona Virus appeal - £7,006



With over 1600 supporters and over £44k raised, our project of the year award goes to Community Care Package!

Congratulations to everyone involved for their amazing fundraising effort.


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