Updates for Beira Cyclone Crisis and Sustainability Campaign

Schools Rebuilding Project Goes Live

MATACUANE Primary School was badly destroyed during the Cyclone in March. Bristol Link with Beira has been working with the school for over 10 years and can now announce it has put £15,000 of its own fundraising to help support the school with £10,000 grant from Rotary Bristol Club and District. A team of 4 volunteers are traveling today to support local builders to start to rebuild the school over the next three weeks.

Beira Post Cyclone Project Update - Need the Final £15,000

We have been working extremely hard to assess the need in Beira currently and aligning our skills with our partners to make sure we have the best designed project to spend all the money you have donated over the

We have found out that the biggest need and most under supported currently are schools and the education provisions in the city. To date no schools have been started.

Beira Crisis Latest Update

Thanks for your support, sadly we have bad news in terms of the situation on the ground being worsened after another Cyclone hit, just weeks after the first. We are thinking of those hit by Cyclone Kenneth and the Bristol Link with Beira team are working closely with people on the ground to support the rebuilding of the City. 

Could you please share the crowdfunding project with your network via social media and email, every share helps to spread the word and we need urgent support. 

With online and offline donations we have reached over £10000!!

With the money that has been already donated we have supplied 5000 water purification kits to families in Beira through our partner organisation in Beira, ADEL..

Currently through ADEL and this appeal we have committed to spending donated money on public health and education resources.

However we are also supplying support to ADEL helping them gain resources from other international agencies that are operating on the ground such as allocation of food and water as well as medicines that are already in the country.

Thank you for you continuing to share and support our appeal. We still have a bit to go and this is just the start.

Thank you for all the Support.

We have been working hard with our local partners on the ground in Beira, ADEL all week.

We have committed this morning to an initial strategy of helping supply resources through our appeal to Public Health and Education. Including water purification kits and materials to rebuild our parter schools.

Over £3000 raised so far!

Hi everyone, thanks for your pledge and support, it means a lot. The BLB team have made contact with the Mayor of Beira, he said that they are facing 'total devastation' and 'will have to begin again' Incredibly he also asked how Bristol was doing! We are coordinating efforts from Bristol and need any support possible, it would be amazing if you could share the project with your friends and family, as well as any companies who would want to donate or help.