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A Better Food project to help those affected by homelessness in Bristol find new routes to recovery, in support of Square Food's work with St. Mungo's

A Better Food campaign in support of Square Food Foundation and St. Mungo’s, Bristol

Better Food believes that achieving our vision of a better, fairer food community means looking beyond the food on our plate and out into the world around us, starting right here in Bristol.

We’ve launched an ambitious campaign to raise £10,000, which will help people in Bristol affected by homelessness to learn new skills and build confidence, whilst empowering them to find their own route to recovery.

The money that our staff and customers raise will be donated to Square Food Foundation – a charity based in Knowle West teaching people from all walks of life to cook good food from scratch. Square Food will use the funds to launch a brand new training programme in partnership with St. Mungo’s Recovery College in Bristol, training clients of the college, reinvigorating the college’s disused kitchen facilities and inspiring peer to peer learning.

A Sustainable Future

Through gaining these skills in weekly sessions, clients will gain confidence both in and out of the kitchen, develop vital life skills and improved wellbeing and be encouraged to cook for others, potentially in a professional capacity. The hope is that this programme’s impact will reach beyond just the first year’s trainees, and Square Food will work closely with St. Mungo’s clients, giving them the confidence to share their skills with others and ensuring that the college’s wider community benefits from the programme.

We've chosen open-ended fundraising for this new challenge; over the coming months, our staff and customers will be raising money to help breathe life into the project, with the aim of seeing Square Food take in their first students in early 2018. Beyond that date, we'll continue to fundraise to ensure the continuation of the project term by term, and into the future beyond.

We're raising money in lots of ways, so visit our website to find out to check our latest Grand Total and learn more about our latest fundraising activities and events.



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£5 – Thank you e-card

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Contribute £5 to our project, and we'll tweet a personalised e-card to thank you for your support from our Twitter account @BetterFoodCo.

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£17 – A Spoonful of Goodwill

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This is no ordinary wooden spoon. It looks like a wooden spoon and it’s destined to stir thousands of lovingly made dishes, just like a wooden spoon. But this spoon will open doors, build confidence and boost well being for people affected by homelessness in Bristol.

Makes a wonderful gift for those who will appreciate a gift that gives back to the community. Comes with an information leaflet.

£20 – Hot Drink and Cake Voucher + Thank you e-card

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Treat yourself to a hot drink and cake from any of our cafés, and we'll also give you a Twitter shout-out from @BetterFoodCo with a thank you e-card.

£20 – Limited Edition Better Food Bee Pin with Signed Postcard

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Pledge £20 to the Streets to Kitchen Project and we'll send you a limited edition Better Food Bee Pin, with a postcard signed by our founder Phil Haughton.

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For a suggested minumum donation of £50, businesses can donate to the Streets to Kitchen campaign and we'll recognise your donation via our Twitter account @BetterFoodCo, tagging in your business to a thank you e-card!

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£10 – Juice of the Day named after you or a friend!

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Pledge £10 to our project and we'll name a Better Food Juice of the Day after you or a friend in our St. Werburghs café! We'll tweet a picture from @BetterFoodCo

We'll be in touch to check who you'd like the juice to be named after, after you've pledged.

£15 – One Potato, Two by William Chase

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One Potato, Two is the true story of a Herefordshire potato farmer with big ambitions and a passion for great food and drink. We have one copy of this beautfully bound autobiographical recipe book, with tales of William Chase's rise to fame through gin, vodka and crisps...

£20 – Living Food by Daphne Lambert

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This magical book from Daphne Lambert looks at the inextricable link between the our health and the health of our planet, uniting seasonal recipes with nutritional insights and lashings of food wisdom. A real gem of a book and a snip at £20!

£15 – Spelt by Roger Saul

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A mouthwatering selection of recipes from the 'Champion of Spelt' Roger Saul. Roger considers spelt a wonder grain and here shares delights such as spelt pecan pie, farmhouse granola, wild mushroom arancini and an incredible array of spelt breads and pastries. A beautiful gift for keen cooks.

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