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50 years ago, Sir David Attenborough 1st filmed in Madagascar; "a magical place". Yet lack of education keeps people poor & hampers conservation.

The challenge:

 “Madagascar rarely features on anyone’s list of urgent global causes. Its quiet desperation falls into that forgotten category of poor-but not-quite-poor-enough, perpetually hovering just above the red zone that triggers a glut of aid, NGOs and cameras. . . as an island of little strategic importance on the world stage, it remains better known for its lemurs.”

Over 5.7 million, or nearly half (47%) the under-18 population of Madagascar are involved in mining or agriculture, according to UNICEF estimates. 

Many of these children miss out on any formal education and perpetuate a cycle of poverty.

Ambovombe region of southern Madagascar has a population of approximately 110,000.

The semi-arid regions of southern Madagascar has a chronic lack of water and this has been exacerbated by frequent droughts leading to food insecurity and malnutrition crises - most affecting children.

Many teachers in the rural parts of Ambovombe region are trained only up to the equivalent of GCSE level.  They may have no teacher training and are often responsible for teaching children of mixed ages at any one time.  Class sizes vary but can be up to 60 students.  The teaching resources are limited to a few old text books and a blackboard. 

Poorly built school buildings are frequently destroyed by extreme weather patterns (cyclones, heat and rains).


The solution:

MAEEVA charity wants to break the cycle of poverty through improving education and ensuring all children and families can access at least primary education.

With your support, £16,000 will pay to rebuild a school with 3 classrooms.  The building will be built with materials to withstand annual extreme weather conditions.

The first school will be built in Satrie.  Approximately 150 children and their families and teachers will benefit from this school every year.

With a further £1,000 we will furnish the school.  We will work with local craftspeople to create furniture with sustainable materials.

With £500 we will start to develop a kitchen garden around the school.

A further £1,000 will support teacher training through a mentoring scheme.

The amount we are asking for is the minimum we need to build the school.  We will apply for grant funding if we do not manage to raise the full amount through this appeal.  The school will be built when the money has been raised but the longer it takes the longer these children and families will continue to struggle with no safe, dry place to study and with little incentive to strive for a better future.

Why MAEEVA Charity:

The founder of the charity originates from the region of Ambovombe, Madagascar and now lives in the UK with his children.  He spent more than 10 years working as a national guide in Madagascar; working alongside researchers and tourists to the amazing country.  He has support from the local communities in Ambovombe region and from organisations working on projects in other regions of the country.

Jamie, Feedback Madagascar, "I've known Soandro for 20 years and his commitment to improving the education in rural Madagascar is remarkable.  His personal journey is fascinating and I have no doubt that MAEEVA will deliver good outcomes for the local people."

Sean, Eco Tours, "Soandro was one of our key national guides for more than 6 years.  He was always determined to make visitor experiences of Madagascar memorable for the best reasons." 

MAEEVA Charity was registered in UK and Madagascar in 2017.  We are a small team of volunteers who believe that education is key to sustainable development and that caring for the natural environment is essential for human survival.  Trustees have more than 12 years experience in fundraising and HR for charities; local volunteers have experience of community building and project management and we have support from educational professionals in Madagascar.

We believe that unless all of the population have opportunities to choose their livelihood, deforestation and loss of species will continue at a fast pace in Madagascar exacerbating climate change.  We want to build our network of support.  We are keen to hear from people who want to collaborate.



Share your time and skills...

We are looking for more Trustees and volunteers. If you have experience in finance, management, administration, marketing please contact us.

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£25 – Donor recognition wall

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Your name will be added to the donor recognition wall when the school is built.

£50 – Malagasy chocolate & name on donor recognition wall

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You will receive a bar of Malagasy chocolate and your name will be added to the donor recognition wall when the school is built.

£100 – A hand woven bag & name on the donor recognition wall

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You will receive a hand woven bag made in Madagascar and your name will be added to the donor recognition wall when the school is built.

£500 – Your own tree planted & name on donor recognition wall

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Local children will plant a tree in the grounds of the school when it is constructed. Your name will be put on a plaque by the tree. We will send you a photograph of the tree.

£1,000 – Malagasy meal and name on donor recognition wall

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Your name added to the donor recognition wall when the school is built & a Malagasy meal in Bristol.

£2,500 – Malagasy meal & an opportunity to watch & listen to musicians from the South of Madagascar

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You will be invited to eat a Malagasy meal & have an opportunity to watch & listen to musicians from the South of Madagascar in Bristol or Paris. Your name will also be added to the donor recognition wall when the school is built.

£5,000 – Visit to the school

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An organised visit to the school during the period of construction or when it is built (flights and accommodation need to be paid by the donor). Please note that this will be a physically & mentally challenging trip. We will ensure you are met at the nearest airport in Fort Dauphin and transported to Ambovombe by road and then onto the village. You will stay in local accommodation for 2 nights.

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