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This project finished on Saturday the 14th of September, 2019

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City Films, a community-based group is looking to make the play Warnock into a film using talent from Liverpool and surrounding areas.

About Us

We are City Films; a new community project based in Liverpool. We are looking to give opportunities for actors and creatives in the Liverpool and surrounding areas. 

About this project

The main aim of this project is to create a unique platform for all the people involved. Arts funding on a local and national level has become increasingly competitive.  

After the success of the play version, we want to make Warnock into a film. The way it has been written it is possibly more suited to be on camera as opposed to a stage. Plus, undertaking this project will let us expand on some of the characters and storylines which is impossible to do on a stage. As well as making a professional film to a very high standard, we want any profit made to go back into making more films and creating more theatre on stage. However, the core of our ethos is working together and giving local talent the opportunities and platform they wouldn't usually be given. 

We are lucky that we have volunteers very much at the heart of this project. All the actors and crew will be undertaking this project unpaid, but we would like to pay for all expenses such as traveling and food. 

Other expenses that will be occurred is the cost of the expenses for the crew to be able to operate their operation smoothly and effectively e.g. a high number of batteries when they are on location with us. 

We also want to pay the Kensington community centre where a lot of the interior scenes will be shot. This is a self-funded community venture and we want to pay them the going rate for the hiring charges. 

Apart of the budget, we have to take into account the post-production costs which include editing, marketing and promoting the film to give this the best opportunity of being successful. 

The project will be based in Liverpool. The rehearsals and filming will take place in Liverpool City Centre, Hoylake, West Kirby and Kensington. Post-production will also be local to Liverpool as well. 

Rewards on offer

If you successfully complete this project, what can you offer as a reward? If you are able to contribute to this exciting local project we can offer you these exciting rewards:

- Unique opportunity to be credited with the Executive Producer title. 

- Be an extra in the film. 

- Visit the set of Warnock. 

- An exclusive high energy acting workshop with two of the cast members of Warnock. 

- A signed script and the film poster signed by the cast of Warnock. 

- Tickets for the premiere of Warnock and be involved in the Q&A after the screening. 





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This project ended on 14 September 2019

This is a take what you raise project. At the end of the funding period the project owner receives all of the pledged funds.

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Get these rewards


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Have you ever wanted to be credited with the title of Executive Producer? Well this is your chance to make it happen! Your name will be added to the credits at the start and end of the film. Also, a credit will go on on our website and social media platforms.


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A very rare, but what will be a fun experience to be part of a drama workshop with two of the cast of Warnock.
This reward is available to all levels, so even if you are new to acting you will have nothing to worry about. As the old saying goes...nothing ventured, nothing gained.


2 people want this

*EXCLUSIVE* A ticket to the premiere of Warnock which will be March 2020. You can also be part of the Q&A after the screenign of Warnock.


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Ever wanted to be in a film? Well this is your opportunity. You will be in a scene (depending on your age) as an inmate or be you could be a civilian either walking or pretending to talk in the background.
*Please note that filming will take place from Mid-September till the end of October at weekends. We will give you a date, time and location when you will be required. *


Get this reward

You will receive a signed copy of the script. It will be signed by the cast and crew of Warnock.
**Please note the ending of the film is top secret and different from the play version, so this will be removed. Thank you for understanding.**

£10 – A high res BTS picture from the shoot and a thank you on social media.

Will send you a behind scenes photo and we will also thank you on our social media platform and our website.

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