Empowering female university education in East Africa

We want to provide a degree to the poorest female students in the world. University education is key to reducing global poverty.

Only 6% of children in Sub-Saharan Africa will enrol for some form of tertiary education, the figure in the UK is over 33% (of 18-year-olds who go to university*) Please help us to support Sub-Saharan Africa to be part of the global economy

About Albion Business School

Albion Business School is a registered charitable enterprise in the UK which provides cost effective, high quality, UK university business and entrepreneurship education in developing regions around the globe.

At Albion Business School we inspire positive change in business and society, individuals and organisations, locally and globally by delivering impactful educational programmes which promote a global and digital skillset for developing the future of business.

Albion operates by partnering with established universities. This is both in the UK and overseas to deliver programmes which develop an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to ideas and issues, enabling successful graduates to contribute proactively to private business, public or ‘third’ sector organisations, social enterprises, and the wider society.

We offer the following degree pathways:

  1. International Business Entrepreneurship Foundation Year*: This one year Foundation Year course provides a Certificate in Foundation Studies in International Business Entrepreneurship to get students ready for university level study and give you the knowledge and experience to excel in your chosen course.
  2. BSc(Hons) International Business Entrepreneurship: During a three-year full-time degree students hone their skills in management with subjects including practice of leadership in an organisation, managing operations globally and developing innovation and entrepreneurship.
  3. BSc(Hons) International Business Entrepreneurship (with integrated Foundation): This four year full time degree programmes provides a foundation year and also the BSc(Hons) degree.

Albion Business School is a registered charity (1195048) and has a UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN: 10089279)

You can read more about the team at www.albionbusinessschool.com 

About The Project

Albion Business School was founded by Dr David Bozward with the help of its board of experienced and connected board of advisors from Empact Ventures, Oasthouse Ventures and Skillsizee who are all passionate about the project.

Research shows that education is key to reducing poverty, increasing social mobility and developing economic activity within a country. We believe that our robust and scalable model will allow us to deliver low-cost programmes that will help to address these issues creating new opportunities for the communities we will serve.

  • Sub-Saharan Africa has 1.1 billion people with 60% of these under the age of 25. The population is projected to double by 2050 which will further drive the need for economic development.
  • 59 percent of the region’s 20 to 24-year-old adults, equivalent to 137 million people, will be holding a secondary education qualification by 2030.
  • There is a significant correlation between the mean years spent in schooling and the GDP per capita. The highest economic returns from education are at the tertiary level. 
  • State funding for universities is not increasing at the required rate, creating problems with capacity, capability, quality and curriculum design and outcomes.
  • This is leading to universities servicing an elitist, male dominated students leading to 45 percent of university graduates in Africa are jobless.

The World Bank has stated that several African economies have been growing at more than 5% per annum for the last decade. According to the Nobel Prize winner in economics, Paul Romer, over the next 16 years, all of the world’s 10 fastest growing cities will be in Africa. Moreover, 60% of the African population of 250 million are under the age of 25. That said, the quality and quantity of University education across all African nations is very variable, we hope that our offering of low cost courses delivered online, and through partnerships will help to address this, building sustainable regional competencies.

Our Vision: To supply the best UK degree business education to the developing regions of the world.

Our Mission: The Albion Business School exists to advance business education in the developing regions of the world, through empowering young people to reduce poverty, increase social mobility and develop economic activity.

Our Values

  • Responsible, realistic & sustainable – recognising our role and place in the wider community; working within our means and improving societal and holistic wellbeing
  • Respectful, inclusive & supportive – providing equality of opportunity for all to fulfil their potential in a supportive, caring environment; being respectful of the dignity of others and practising solidarity in our community
  • Honest, accountable & open-minded - understanding the premium to be gained by approaching opportunities and setbacks with integrity, humility and acceptance 
  • Innovative and creative – championing enterprise and creating value, working together to share ideas, take risks and learn from mistakes; inducing and welcoming change; working together in the face of challenge

Our objective

We are raising £25,000 as part of a wider fundraising campaign to support women in the Great Lakes area of East Africa to start a degree program

Following this through a mixture of grants, donations and crowdfunding we will be looking to raise a wider target of £500,000 to support operations in other countries around Africa

Why we are fundraising

Our team has been educated at the best UK universities including the University of Warwick, Kings College London, the Open University, Aston University, Royal Agricultural University, and the University of Plymouth.

We have seen the effect that the best quality education has had on our personal lives and professional careers, and as a team, we are very passionate about widening access to those in Africa who don't have the same opportunities.

Please donate to help the next generation of women in Africa to become the entrepreneurial, business and thought leaders of today and tomorrow

Your Rewards

  1. Donate and receive monthly updates on the progress of our students
  2. Donate £100 and it will get a female student enrolled and start her on her journey
  3. Donate £500 and you secure equipment for her learning
  4. Donate £1,500 and one named female student will receive an academic year's tuition
  5. Donate £6,000 and one named female student receives the whole 4 years course

Albion Business School fills an extremely important gap in the provision of quality university education. This will support clearly identified benefits to society and the economics in these countries as well as supporting local universities development and connections to the wider global university ecosystem.

We therefore request your support in developing this crucial offering which can change the lives of so many people and offer stability and growth in these emerging nations.

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£100 – Get a female student enrolled and start her on her journey

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Donate £100 and it will get a female student enrolled and start her on her journey.

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£100 minimum. 24 available

£500 – Secure equipment for her learning

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Donate £500 and you secure equipment for her learning.

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£1,500 – A named female student will receive an academic year's tuition

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Donate £1,500 and one named female student will receive an academic year's tuition

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£1,500 minimum.

£6,000 – One named female student receives the whole 4 years course

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Donate £6,000 and one named female student receives the whole 4 years course

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£6,000 minimum. 25 available

£25 – Support a female student in East Africa

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