Forest of Dean GP Election Funds


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We are raising money to be able to compete effectively in the forthcoming elections and possible General Election.

Why are we doing this?

We are raising funds to be able to compete in the District elections next year, and possibly in a General election. We are not the Tory party, we don't have Billionaire backers or Russian money coming our way. We don't have the support of major newspapers or the media.

The Green Party relies on donations from our members and friends, if you can make donations that is great, but we recognise not everybody can.

This is a project to broaden the number of people who can donate, by including the friends and family of the people who participate in this sponsorship project.

This sponsorship is for the Forest of Dean Green Party, to date we have been successful at a District level, in fact we are the party with the most Councillors in the Forest area.

We want to build on this success, if you can help us we would really appreciate it.

We need to raise over £10,000 to be able to compete at the level we want to, this will help us get to that target.  However if a General Election is called we will need a lot more money, we will wait and see on that one, it's out of our control.

Please note if you do sponsor us the money goes straight to the Forest of Dean Green Party, we have no visibility of it.



Share your time and skills...

We also need helpers, if you can help with delivering leaflets, canvassing, producing leaflets, making phone calls or anything else which would be useful please call us.

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This is an open ended project. There is no time limit and payments are taken straight away.

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