Fundraising for Mobile Water Units to Save Lives

2.2 Billion people need emergency water now! We have teamed up with JHOC to provide life-saving mobile water treatment systems

We are fundraising to provide mobile water treatment units to those who don't have access to fresh drinking water especially in Ukraine and Somalia

Who are we?

Presidium Network CIC - The Presidium Network is a registered UK non-profit that provides support to communities in crisis to manage humanitarian issues and represent the needs of people affected by violence or poverty to international-policy makers.

JHOC - We are a Swedish-based company with a wide international network. We are focused on delivering support in war-torn, social- and environmentally devastated areas where we can improve the quality of life for all people. The consortium comprises a strong network of partners and vendors of various technologies to support humanitarian operations in austere regions.

Our unique position allows us to provide Humanitarian care services for people in need. We can provide medical care, food, water, and other final mile logistical services. Our state-of-the-art mobile water purification systems can be deployed anywhere and treat up to 22,000 gallons per day of potable water powered by solar or wind.

Please Donate via our fundsurfer campaign to give the gift of water to those who need it now, we are also looking for companies to help us by sponsoring a water unit to help save lives. 

Safe Drinking Water - Preserving Human Life

Globally 2.2billion people are without fresh drinking water - thats nearly 1/4 of the Global Population (Unicef 2022)

  • The WHO estimate that 829,000 people die per year from using unsafe drinking water
  • Ukraine currently has 1.4million people who do not have access to safe drinking water due to the ongoing conflict. 
  • 8 Million People across Somalia have no access to safe drinking water

The ultimate way to preserve human life is to provide sustainable, clean water supplies for all.

Developing or restoring a national water treatment network takes years and costs that runs into  billions which countries can not provide especially during an active crisis. 

This further illustrates the importance of deploying as many emergency water treatment systems as possible to countries in need. No one should have to live with the insecurity of unstable and unsafe water supplies - THIS MUST CHANGE!

JHOC can help change it by deploying the best mobile drinking water purification systems to combat the lack of water quickly in the most vulnerable communities in the world.

Our Solution to the world water problem:

PN has the capacity and resources on the ground in Ukraine and Somalia to deliver the units, implement the training and get the water units active in the country. 

PN specialise in deploying the most advanced mobile off-grid water purification systems, that can supply safe drinking water at as little cost as $0.002 a litre.

We have partnered with the worlds best water engineers and developers in order to achieve this. 

We will deliver the units, and train people to use them on the ground so their communities can get fresh drinking water.

No filters need changing for 2 years, and when they need new filters PN will continue to supply these filters for life. 

Currently PN has the ability to mobilise four mobile water purification systems from our supply partners JHOC, all developed to help those in emergency need of water. All have their own off-grid power sources making them fully mobile in the most extreme areas of the world.

The four different model types are below - 

1. Ocean RO, 1,362 lites per day, (Stored in 3x suitcases for travel) 2. MWPS - Mini: 1,100 litres per day (suitcase)3. MWPS - 2.5: 10,200 litres per day (truck bed for transport)4. MWPS - 4000: 96,000 litres per day (quad con - Truck Container)

All models come with mobile solar panels.

The MWS 4000 and 2.5 have portable wind energy systems as well as solar.

We need support getting at least 10 Ocean RO units for Ukraine as there is a huge Salt Water Problem, with industrial salts in their river systems and areas that have only access to water from the Black Sea (which is salt water and dehydrates people)  the Ocean RO has the technology to clean 99.5% of the salts making it safe drinking water. In addition to this, with the Ocean RO there is no need to test the water source before use, as it  is able to remove all water contamination including salt.



We need support getting at least 10 MWPS - Mini units for Somalia. Somalia has the worst drought in history and over 8 million people don't have access to fresh drinking water and are surrounded by contaminated rivers and lake systems.



Ukraine - A Salt Story

In Ukraine currently, the majority of the population that have been cut off from water supplies are either located next to the Black Sea, in areas such such as Kherson and Mykolaiv Oblasts or, near rivers that are highly polluted by industrial salts. There are also a large number of people effected are in rural areas and dispersed from larger cities.

Whilst directly on the ground in Ukraine we have personally tested the water supply in Mykolaiv and Kherson Oblast ourselves and found unprecedented amounts of both industrial and natural salts. 

The biggest problem with salt is that it is generally expensive and complicated to remove from water to make it safe to drink. The majority of desalination and reverse osmosis solutions are static and bulky requiring specialists to operate and maintain the equipment needed.

This limits these solutions only to areas where water specialists and monitoring is available.

However, JHOCs Ocean RO mobile desalination units can be deployed quickly and used easily to purify contaminated salt water, turning it into safe quality drinking water. 

Please pledge and share the project page with your network, it really helps! 

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£15,000 – MWPS - Mini - Provides water to 366 people a day

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Purifies up to 1100 litres per day (300 gallons per day, 366 people per day) on solar power to WHO standards

Ultrafiltration removes particles as small as 0.02μm Ultraviolet disinfection eliminates bacteria, viruses, and protozoa

Weighs 40lbs (18.2Kgs) Easy to transport between communities and camps. The treatment system and all accessories are included and can be packed inside the case.

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£15,000 minimum. 10 available

£30,000 – Ocean RO - Provides water to 454 people a day

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Produces 1362 lites a day equivalent to 454 people having 3 lites of drinking water a day. With its Reverse Osmosis technology it cleans 99.5% of salts

Suitcase size mobile off grid with its own energy supply - remove salts as well as all water born diseases so can great drinking water from sea water to WHO water standards.

This system is perfect for Ukraine crisis.

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£30,000 minimum. 10 available

£150,000 – MWPS - 2,5 Provides water to 3400 people a day

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Produces up to 10,200 litres per day with continuous power - 3400 people per day.
No expensive filter cartridges to replace.
Operation requires no fuel, chemicals, or frequent filter cartridge replacement.
Set up in 30 minutes or less
Can produce up to 2,725 liters (720gals) with 6 hours of sunlight (water quality dependent)
Potable water costs as low as $0.0018/liter($0.006/gallon)

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£150,000 minimum. 5 available

£230,000 – MWPS - 4000 Provides water to 32000 people a day

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MWPS-15 solar array now features a ground-mount configuration for easier facilitation of setup, ease of access, further ruggedization, and improved manual maneuverability, as well as added safety

Effluent Output ≈ 4,000 litres per hour or 96,000 litres per day. 32000 people a day. It is attached to back of a truck and can be driven easily between citifies and remote areas.

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£230,000 minimum. 5 available

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