Merry Moos Farm Project CIC not for profit

Our project: a care farm addressing well-being issues, combating social isolation, and supporting social prescription and physical health.

Introducing Merry Moos Farm Project CIC, a heartwarming non-profit venture!

 Our mission? To make farm dreams come true by raising funds for a cosy little farm. Alas, farms don't come cheap, but with your amazing support, we can make it happen!

If we have extra space, we'll open our doors to clients from afar or short-term volunteers looking for an unforgettable experience. We're all about spreading smiles and combating social isolation, you see. We truly believe in the power of "social prescription," where a dose of outdoor goodness can do wonders for mild depression.

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room. Since the pandemic, well-being issues have skyrocketed. Our Merry Moos Farm Project CIC is here to the rescue, providing activities galore and a sanctuary for those in need.

Who's in the spotlight for our care? Well, we've got older adults (ages 60-85) who are often overlooked but still have so much life to offer. We're also lending a helping hoof to individuals with disabilities, ex-service personnel, and even corporate heroes who have been grappling with their own well-being challenges.

Picture this: we're creating a delightful market garden, complete with accessibility features that cater to everyone's needs. And did we mention the cuddly Jersey cows? Oh yes, milking these darlings will be an unforgettable experience for our clients. Farm gate milk, anyone? Plus, we're getting creative and turning that milk into heavenly soap, which we'll sell to support our project. Cream and butter will be flowing too, because who can resist those indulgent treats?

But wait, there's more! We're setting up a free-range chicken paradise where clients can feed these feathered friends and collect fresh eggs. And get this—we're making room for a wildlife area to help local birds and furry critters thrive. Native and fruit trees will join the party, and clients can get their hands dirty, planting and nurturing these green wonders. And let's not forget our buzzing buddies: we're putting up bird boxes and introducing bees to combat their decline. The sweetest reward? Liquid honey that we'll sell to fuel our project's growth. And yes, we hope that clients can dive into these exciting activities too!

Now, let's cosy up in our farmhouse, the heart and soul of our community. Hot or cold drinks? Check! A scrumptious light lunch? Absolutely! It's a place where clients and volunteers can gather, share stories, and forge unforgettable connections.

But wait, there's one more piece to this incredible puzzle: our dream of creating a thriving animal sanctuary. We've seen the magical effect that a simple pat or hug can have on individuals facing well-being challenges. Meet Molly and Polly, our two adorable pet pigs yearning for a loving forever home. And they won't be alone. We'll open our arms to other animals in need, offering them a safe haven filled with love and care.

There just aren't enough services out there, and those that exist are overwhelmed. We're not here to duplicate. We're here to fill a vital gap and make a genuine impact.

And here's the best part: we need YOU, passionate volunteers from our local community, to join us on this awe-inspiring journey. We've got a rock-solid business plan in place to keep the lights on and dreams alive.

So, let's bring joy, laughter, and a whole lot of farm magic into the world together. Merry Moos Farm Project CIC is counting on your support to make a difference that will warm hearts for years to come!

We do have a business plan to demonstrate that the two parts of the sustainability to the project will keep the lights on.



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