We aim to provide alternative source of Light -Renewable Solar Charging Lanterns to School-going Children to enable them study after dark in Sierra Ln

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UNIVERSAL CONCERNED CITIZENS' FOUNDATION (UCC Fonds) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, International Humanitarian Organization, which has been organized exclusively by Dutch nationals who freely and voluntarily desire to participate in programs of humanitarian charitable purposes to assist and bring aide to:

A: the very needy, severely affected war, flood affected victims.

B: help create an "Inclusive Society" economically disadvantaged children, women and widows.


                                 ONE SOLAR LANTERN PER SCHOOL CHILD

Our goal is to provide alternative source of Light to School-going age Children to enable them to study after dark. We aim to make this facility Renewable Solar Charging Lanterns available to school going children in grassroots communities in rural districts that have little or no access to electricity in Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone (about) up to 75% of the country is without electricity. The school children have no other way to study at night except by either Kerosene lamps or by candle light. The use of these kerosene lamps and candles have accounted for a significant percentage of death among these children. Smoke inhalation and poisonous fumes are among some of the health hazards to which they are exposed. In some cases, houses have been burnt down because the child fell asleep and mistakenly kicked the candle or lamp that sets the house ablaze. The overall source of light is limited, and studying late in the night with an open-flared candle or kerosene lamp is dangerous and not environmentally friendly. We therefore, aim to make accessible to the school children of these impoverished grassroots communities, Rechargeable Solar Lanterns per household, and help to save their lives, help to keep them healthy as well as to enhance their chances of good performance at school, towards becoming productive people in their communities and viable citizens at large. According to United Nations statistics, Sierra Leone has been ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world today. A country that has been through a ten year rebel war in which most of the infrastructural facilities have been destroyed, with great impact on human resource and development.                    Donors are welcome to contact us.

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