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My good friend Sergey has been conscripted. He & the 81st Airborne Brigade in Donbas urgently need 4 Mavic 3 Drones. They help keep them safe at night

Dear all,

my good friend Sergey from Ukraine, who I know for 12 years, has been conscripted into the army. He and the 81st Airborne Brigade in Donbas urgently need 4 Mavic 3-Drones. The 81st Airborne Brigade is a military unit that operates drones, helps keep the soldiers safe at night and also helps the artillery identify russian positions. Once the money is raised, we will wire transfer it to his unit at the front.   

Please support us so we can provide him and his unit with 4 Mavic-3 Drones each around 2.400€. 

Here you can finde the Facebook Site of his unit: 


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