Updates for Help support George Ferguson's re-election as Mayor of Bristol in 2016

A New Year Message from George


Happy New Year!

We are now just three and a half months away from the mayoral election on 5th May. I would like to start by giving grateful thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me, both as mayor and now as mayoral candidate. Without you Bristol 1st would have no chance of success.

The last three years have flown by. The way Bristol is governed and managed has changed dramatically. We have demonstrated that independent leadership can be very effective – and refreshing. It certainly seems to have stimulated interest and debate in local government!

Three Year Reflections

I was elected just three years ago, when Bristol decided to turn its back on a party political leadership, largely because it had failed to deliver. Any fair person would agree that there has been transformation at the top and a lot has been achieved since then.

One of the first things I did was take full advantage of my independent status and, after initial reluctance by Labour to take part, created an inclusive four party cabinet, in place of one limited in scope and talent to a single political party.