After Eats - The UK's first After Dinner product Subscription Box!

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Everything you need for After Dinner Entertainment delivered straight to your door!

About Us

You may have heard of Graze and Birchbox - the subscription box services that deliver those delicious snacks and selection of beauty products? Well, we would like to introduce you to After Eats, the UK's first and only subscription box dedicated to delivering everything you need for After Dinner entertainment!

After Eats was born from a conversation around the dinner table when we, as well as the guests at our dinner party, were wishing we had some delicious After Dinner treats to snack upon after finishing our main course (the result of some poor pre-planning!). Some wanted perfectly roasted coffee, others wanted strong cheese on a perfectly crisp cracker, some wanted to indulge in a rich chocolatey truffle and we were all in agreement that an After Dinner liqueur and game were required too - light-bulb moment and the idea of After Eats was born!

Being passionate foodies and wanting to make the After Dinner experience as simple as possible, the idea of supplying all of the components needed for the experience in one single box is what After Eats is all about. Why trapse around a supermarket or speciality shops, when we do all of the product sourcing for you and deliver everything straight to your door each month?

We want you to relax and enjoy the After Dinner experience and by leaving all of the work to us, this is possible! Whether you are having a dinner party, having a group of friends over, or just enjoying a quiet night in, After Eats will supply everything you could possibly need for that indulgent After Dinner experience, giving you piece of mind that you and your guests will be well catered for.


Our Fundsurfer Mission!

Our plan is to have a soft launch of our After Eats treat boxes from August this year, which will involve sending out our boxes to selected bloggers and influencers within the subscription box community to review and get the After Eats word out there! Our ultimate end goal is to then open up our website to active subscribers from August, with the official launch of our first boxes going out in September! 

As foodie fanatics we also want to support independant UK suppliers by sourcing and promoting the best artisan After Dinner products from around the country. Not only that, we actually want to design the contents of each monthly box to showcase what each region in the UK has to offer! As quality is worth paying for (as I'm sure you will all agree), we will use the majority of the funding to go out and negotiate bulk supplier deals to ensure our boxes are stocked with these premium and high quality products that delivers value for money for our subscribers. 

What we will use the funds for:

  • Negotiating bulk order deals with suppliers to ensure our After Eats treats boxes are stocked with the best products for our subscribers each month! 
  • Packaging design and manufacturing costs
  • Website maintainance and social media & marketing materials
  • Facebook and PPC adverstising (e.g. Google Ads)

How it Works

We know it is sometimes easy to forget to cater for dessert and entertainment after the careful planning of a delicious main meal  - we are all human after all! That's why all of our boxes are packed with 5-6 carefully selected and delicious artisan After Dinner treats including chocolate, coffee, cheese, a liqueur, as well as a fun game so you have everything required to sit back, relax and enjoy your experience knowing that every box for your evening has been ticked!

Our Subscription  Plans

We plan to offer our boxes with flexible subscription options to suit both your lifestyle and budget and which can easily be cancelled at any time with no long term tie in. Alternatively, if you simply want to just try one of our boxes, or give as a gift suitable for any occasion then we will also offer the option of one of purchases from the 'Shop' section of our website. The prices for each subscription plan and one off gift purchases are detailed below and all plans are free of any postage costs (except for postage outside of the UK where there will be a £14.99 shipping charge applied)  - 

  • Month to Month - £24.99
  • 3 monthly pre-pay - £69.99
  • 6 monthly pre-pay - £134.99
  • 12 monthly pre-pay £265.99
  • One of box/gift purchases - £24.99

Future Box Ideas

With your help and following on from the (hopefully!) sucessful launch of our first After Eats treats boxes, we also have big plans to ensure absolutely everyone can relax and have an enjoyable After Dinner experience. This is why we have plans to introduce monthly Gluten Free and Healthy After Eats treats boxes to ensure those with alergies or dietary requirements don't miss out on that special After Dinner experience! 

Those all Important Questions...

Q: What will be included in my box?

A: When you sign up for the After Eats Treat Box, every month you will receive a box of 5-6 carefully selected and delicious artisan After Dinner treats including chocolate, coffee, cheese, a liqueur, as well as a fun game. All packaged and delivered straight to your door!

Q: When will my box be delivered?

A: Your box is shipped out on the 5th of every month. If you place your order after the 5th, your order will be shipped out on the 5th of the following month. Delivery times depend on your shipping address. Orders take approximately 1 -2 business days and longer for international shipping.

Q: Want to review our After Eats Treats Box?

A: If you are a social media influencer or blogger looking to review our product, please send us an email that includes your address as well as links to your blog, or social media pages, highlighting how many followers you have currently got on each channel. Our special rate for partners is £19.99. You will need to order a box online for the regular price specified (£24.99) and we then reimbursed you the difference once your review is posted to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Q: Can I purchase a subscription box as a gift?

A: No problem at all! You have the option of purchasing one of our After Eats Treats Boxes as a gift, as well as personal subscriptions with different plans including 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. You can order one of our boxes as one off gifts or boxes through the 'Shop' section on our website.

Help us Spread the Word...

Thank you for taking the time to read about our campaign and if you can support us with a donation THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!

It would also be greatly appreciated if you could help spread the word about our campaign by:

  • Sharing our campaign on Facebook
  • Tweeting about our campaign
  • Emailing and sharing with your friends/family/colleagues or anyone you know who is a SUBSCRIPTION BOX ADDICT (yes, they exist and we are one of them!)

You can also sign up to our mailing list at and if you sign up now, as a thank you we are giving away 10% off your first order with us when we launch. So for example if you sign up for a 12 month plan, you will receive a £25+ discount! Thats ONE MONTH FREE!

To keep up to date with our launch, as well as all things After Eats you can follow us on our social media channels at:

Please also email us at if you have any feedback or further questions at all and we will be happy to assist. 


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