East Kent people to people solidarity - Calais


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We are a group started within East Kent and now have many from all over Kent involved who have shown solidarity in a time of need

We are a group based all around Kent and with many of us within 20-30minutes of Dover and Folkestone. We have all seen the horrendous scenes across our tv screens, newspapers, facebook and more and we have come together wanting to do something about it. On our first visit to Calais we could not help but feel overwhelmed at what was seen, the conditions people are living in and the stories people want to tell you.

There are a growing number of people currently in Calais in an area referred to as "The Jungle". Basic shelter created with any materials available, many do not have waterproof shelters and with the weather increasingly becoming worse many struggle to stay dry and warm all day and night.

We want to be able to fund and ensure we can get the right materials to those who need it. From things like tarpaulin to food, to light at night to a warm sleeping bag. Every donation will go to us being able to buy the most needed things with the option to donate specific items as well

There is so much in need and we want to be able to supply as much as possible with regular trips over. If we can raise enough we will be able to get wholesale prices on items such as sleeping bags bringing the cost per item down meaning we can supply more


We also would like to be able to get the chance to get as much people over to be able to help in various tasks that change daily depending on needs.


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£5 – Food Package

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A basic food package with things such as UHT, passata, rice, tinned vegetables, juice, fruit and more to give food and meal to the many who need it

£10 – Tarpaulin

This is for 1 sheet of heavy duty tarpaulin that is suited for extreme weather and durable for all conditions

£15 – Solar power, hand crank lantern

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A lantern for use at night that can be power either by a hand crank, solar power or AA batteries and even mains adapter charger so no matter what is available there is always a way to power the light

£20 – Water resistant hooded sleeping bag

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A warm autumn or winter designed sleeping back that is also water resistant

£50 – Supplies

A mixture of supplies for food and toiletries

£100 – Warmth Supplies

This will go towards sleeping bags, floor mats, hats, scarves, gloves

£250 – Complete Supplies

This will go towards food, toiletries, outdoor hard wearing shoes, gloves, hats, scarves, waterproofs

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