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Help Penny Brohn UK and Sally Larkin create a charity album 'Life and Other Songs', to support people to live well with cancer.

Why I’ve Chosen to support Penny Brohn UK

In July 2016 my husband Chris Jones was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and since that time we have both hugely benefited from the therapies and support Penny Brohn UK offers.

Inspired to support Penny Brohn UK, this project will see the creation of an album, 'Life and Other Songs', to raise funds for the important work the charity does.

Funds are needed to mix, master and press 1000 copies of the album and postage and admin costs.

All proceeds from the album sales will go to Penny Brohn UK with the album being sold at a launch event at the Penny Brohn UK’s National Centre on July 1st as well as through their shop and online.

The album is a collaboration with colleagues from Access to Music, the music college where I have worked as a music educator and manager for 16 years. The talent on the staff team is immense: Producer and engineer Mark Aubrey, bass supremo Terry Blyth, drummer and composer Julian Fyson and keyboardist and collaborator Rich Price. The album also features creative input from producer and sound designer, Gareth Whittock, and musician friends Jo Clack, John Douglass and Steve Hogg. There is also creative input from Access to Music students. All are giving their time and talent for free.

Musically, it’s a mix of classic Soul and Funk, Jazz, and a smattering of Latin and 60’s pop and some surprises including a song designed for meditation. Expect songs with themes of love, passion, life and longing with beautiful melodies, lush harmonies, infectious beats and lyrics that will lift your spirits.

The ballad ‘Life’, with a heartbeat rhythm running through it, is inspired by Penny Brohn UK and is me at my most personal and honest. Another song entitled ‘Walk the Walk’ was written just prior to Chris’s diagnosis and I did not know the significance of this until a visit to the centre and I read about the Walk the Walk organisation, the millions it raised for breast cancer charities and its role in backing Penny Brohn UK. It was serendipitous factors like this that made the album project feel it was ‘meant to be’.

The Penny Brohn Community Choir feature on two songs on the album; 'Walk the Walk' and 'It's Only Love'.

The artists performing on and producing the album are known collectively as Mrs Jones & Company.






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£10 – Copy of 'Life and Other Songs' CD

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Cellophane wrapped CD album with printed booklet, credits and artwork.

£5 – donation only

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Your£5 donation could cover the cost of a lunch for someone on a course at Penny Brohn UK. Lunch is served daily from a menu designed by our chefs and nutritional therapists according to Penny Brohn's healthy eating guidelines.

£15 – donation only

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Your £15 donation today could make it possible for someone to attend a weekly group activity like Nordic walking – something that can make coping with the symptoms, side effects and emotional impact of cancer much more manageable.

£20 – donation only

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Your donation of £20 could pay for someone living with cancer to attend a half day cookery demonstration with lunch: Practical sessions demonstrating how to make the foods recommended in our nutritional guidelines. Led by an experienced nutritional therapist, each session covers four different recipes designed to help manage the side effects of cancer and help build a strong immune system.

£24 – donation only

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A £24 gift made now, could help pay for someone struggling with the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis by giving them access to a counsellor or complementary therapist. This sort of individual, professional support makes a big difference to those living with cancer.

£50 – donation only

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Fifty pounds could put in place the funding for someone to attend our award-winning Treatment Support Clinic. Led by one of our doctors and NHS Oncology staff, this crucial work is building bridges between National Health Oncology services and a whole person approach to cancer.

£100 – donation only

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The choir provides a unique opportunity for men and women living with cancer to support each other in an informal setting, and offers the therapeutic benefits associated with group singing, such as lifting mood and alleviating anxiety. There are currently 70 members of the choir.

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