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The Green Party is surging across Bristol, we'd like you to join us. Get involved and help us elect Tony Dyer as the first Green MP for Bristol South

The current parliament is now over - let's make sure the new parliament offers a new type of politics, not just business as usual.

This terrible parliament has finished - a new parliament is about to be elected and we must work hard to make sure that the politics of the new parliament are not the flawed politics of the old. That needs Green voices willing to stand up and offer real alternatives to the flawed economics of the last parliament, the politics of fear, policies designed to hurt the poor, the disabled, the vulnerable – May 7th, 2015 can be the day you vote for the values you believe in, the politics of hope, policies that offer a real alternative not just different doses of the same snake oil medicine.

To help deliver a real alternative voice in speaking up for Bristol South in Westminster, we now have 2 weeks to raise £3000 to put a South Bristol Green MP in parliament.

Two weeks to deliver a voice that will demand that Bristol South is not taken for granted. A voice that understands what it means to live in relative poverty, a voice from a family in which generation after generation have worked so hard but been left so poor.  A voice that is not just a voice speaking up for "hard working families" but for all of us.  A voice that speaks up not just for those working hard for pitiful wages, but also for those who are prevented from working, those whose jobs have been destroyed by decades of under-investment in skills training and manufacturing industry.  Those who suffer from disabilities preventing them from working, and those who are being forced into work for no pay.  We need a voice that will speak up for the old, for the young, for those discriminated against for whatever reason. A voice that speaks up for those caring, often alone, for loved ones.

Above all, we need a voice that recognises that people are not just valued solely on their worth to the economy, that people have a value above and beyond their contribution to the increasingly irrelevant number we call GDP - we are more than just numbers in the Chancellor's budget, we have hopes and dreams, and we deserve the opportunity to realise them - not to be denied a future simply because of an accident of birth.

Bristol South is tired of being left behind - May 7th is the day you can send a message to all the political parties that Bristol South has a voice that must be heard.

How you can help

£10 – will pay for a “tea party” event to allow local residents to meet the Green Party candidate in an informal setting and tell him what your family and community needs from their future MP, and hear what policies the Green Party are proposing to meet those needs.

£20 – will help pay for a public event at your local hall or pub, to express your views on the Green Manifesto for Bristol South, and hear about the Green Party's National Manifesto.

£50 – will help pay for a leaflet and/or poster to be delivered to every household in your ward telling them about the Green Party and our policies for Bristol South, policies that offer a real alternative to the policies of austerity offered by the other major parties.

£100 – will help pay for a leaflet to be delivered to every household in your neighbourhood partnership making sure that even more people get to see for themselves the Green Party policies to invest in the people of Bristol South rather than slash and burn public services like the NHS.

£200 – will help pay for a public event bringing expert speakers to south Bristol to talk about the issues that matter – housing, wages and incomes, jobs, transport, education, the NHS, and more.

£500 – will pay for the deposit that every Green Party candidate needs to provide to be able to stand for election, a massive drain on the resources of a party that is almost entirely funded by its membership, alternatively it can produce a video explaining why we are so concerned about issues such as TTIP, Trident, and Fracking.

Remember - we cannot rely on the mainstream media to give the Green Party a fair hearing - a leaflet through the letter box, or a local event may be the only chance that people will get to hear the Green Party message.

About Tony Dyer

Born and raised in Hartcliffe and living in Ashton Gate, Tony Dyer is well known in South Bristol where he has strong family and community ties. He has earned widespread recognition and respect through his analysis and commentaries on the pressing issues affecting South Bristol residents.

Tony’s political views have been shaped by his family roots amongst Bedminster coalminers and Bristol dock workers, and in particular by the experiences of his grandfather who grew up in slum conditions in the Old Market area.

After leaving Hartcliffe School to work in the construction industry, Tony later re-skilled to join the IT training industry where he worked for a local organisation supporting small business start-ups. Later recruited by the giant US computer company DEC, Tony worked with partners such as Microsoft, Cisco, Nokia, and with key clients in the fi nancial services industry and the UK retail industry.

As somebody who was born and raised in South Bristol, Tony knows its massive potential – but to unlock that potential needs investment in decent jobs paying decent wages, the skills to perform those jobs, warm homes people can afford to live in, a transport system that works for those who rely on it and an NHS free to deliver public health not private profits. That is the Bristol South that Tony will be working hard for, and he wants your help to deliver it.


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This project ended on 4 May 2015

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£10 – #Public NHS

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Our NHS is the most effective public service that we have
ever created.
But competition has poisoned it and privatisation is eroding
it bit by bit.
That’s why we need to take the profit motive out of healthcare and restore a public NHS that will last for generations to come.
Help me to fight for a publicly funded, publicly provided health service free at the point of use

£20 – #FreeEducation

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We have world class universities, brilliant teachers and
talented students.
But by putting a price tag on education, running schools as businesses and making them exam factories we are wasting children’s potential and stifling creativity.
We can free education from these shackles if we are
bold and ambitious.
Help me to scrap tuition fees, reverse cuts and invest in

£50 – #DecentHomes

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We all want somewhere warm, safe and secure to call home.
But we have a housing crisis with soaring private rents while social housing is being sold off left, right and centre.
We need homes that people can afford to live in.
Help me to provide 500,000 social rented homes
by 2020 and bring empty homes back into use

£100 – #BetterTransport

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Britain was the first country in the world to build a
railway system.
But it was also one of the first to close lines and stations and then privatise the trains.
We need proper public transport that takes us where
we want to go, affordably and reliably.
Help me to return the railways to public hands, saving money and improving services.

£200 – #FairerEconomy

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We have everything we need to build a fair economy: natural resources, skilled people, modern technology.
But the Westminster Establishment has built an unfair one where those at the top gain while those at the bottom suffer.
Help me to transform our economy to challenge the vested interests and close the gap between the rich and the poor.

£500 – #SaferClimate

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In the last thirty years there has been an explosion in environmental awareness and activism.
It’s been sorely needed but Governments must also prioritise action on climate change to avoid devastating harm to our economy, society and environment.
Help me create a zero-carbon sustainable economythat will create millions of jobs and secure a safe climate for our children and grandchildren.

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