Humanitarian Worker’s Family At Risk

A humanitarian worker, representing Afghans in evacuations, food and medical aid, has his own crisis. A family member has a serious condition.

As someone who has spent years supporting people in need around the world, from medical to evacuation from persecution, to providing food, and assistance to help them relocate from threat - there are few harder situations than having to "ask for help" when you are the person that people to come to for help. In the work I do, I don't draw a salary from the NGO-related support, every dollar goes to those who need it, and $80-100 dollars can feed a family for a month.

As a result of difficult circumstances, my own family is now in desperate need, my ex-wife for whom I am responsible, has extremely serious mental health issues, and we are now in a circumstance where we are past eviction - it's happened.

The work we rely on that does cover our costs has suffered from delays, as governments reconsider their budgets for projects in the countries we work on - what we were assured was coming, never came.

This is a private request for support given the extremity of the circumstances. The risk of a homeless female with mental health issues is one of the more terrifying situations to be facing, and sadly, there is little time to solve the matter. Any act of kindness is welcome, and this is a circumstance that is difficult for so many reasons, and an appeal I wished I never had to make.

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