Updates for Protect our NHS: One Thousand Thank Yous


Finally, ten months later I am uploading the finished film to YouTube.  It's turned out to be harder than I thought mainly due to the combined pressures of campaiging to protect the NHS, making and editing the documentary and keeing the day job going, so my apologies for such a lengthy delay.  The last few weeks have been frantic with Protect our NHS arranging and running five public meetings (hustings) on the future of the NHS and ensuring that all the candidates for each constituency were corralled and placed on a platform.  There was one major no-show from an incumbent MP, but the rest a

Nearly Finished

Hi All,

Many apologies for not keeping you updated.  It's been a bit manic.  We have been hoping to film with some mental health service users, but due to the cutbacks and the general fear of being seen to put your head above the parapet, this has been taking a long time.  Most of the film has now been completed and we are trying to work out the best way of distributing it as we approach the general election in 2015.  I will keep you informed and look forward to meeting you at the previews we are planning.

Many thanks,


The Filming Continues

This is just a quick update to reassure backers that we are still hard at it.  We have started on the edit of the material we had already shot and have filmed the rehearsal for The Big Sing - the Flash Choir which will be performing outside one of Bristol's hospitals later this month.  50 people came to the rehearsal and we're expecting a lot more singers on the day.  The song is an adaption of Ray Davies' Thank you for the Days' which we'll be singing to the NHS staff at the hospital.  The rehearsal sounded great with the voice parts arranged by one of the regions leading

One Thousand Thank Yous to All Who Have Pledged - We've Hit Our Target

With one day to go we've made it!  Still time for a few last pledges if you have any friends who would like to join us in making this film really fly.  As you know we've already started shooting and I'll keep reporting back as the film nears completion.  There's a big day's filming on July 16th when a flash choir of up to 100 people will be singing to thank the NHS outside one of Bristol's biggest hospitals.  Anyone who wants to come along and join in and be filmed please email protectournhs@gmail.com for details of the song and rehearsal dates. 

Don't Let UKIP's Election Day Success Get You Down! Keep The Faith and Thank You For All The Pledges

A huge thanks (one thousand thanks even!) to all those who have supported the project so far.  I've been out filming today to record the closure of yet another hospital with yet another broken promise.  Still, we're winning on some of the most important local issues - and on an election day which has seen huge gains by UKIP, which is committed to private medicine - we can be thankful for those.  Our legal case is entering the end game and I am looking forward to sharing the results with you soon.

Currently Filming...

... Our legal case to improve the involvement of patients and public in all aspects of the commissioning of health services in Bristol which is getting near its climax.  Watch this space for more updates.  With your help we'll be able to help stop the secrecy surrounding clinical commissioning throughout the country.  Remember it's OUR NHS.  We're not customers or clients, we're members of the public and when we get ill we're patients - and we need to know exactly what is happening to the world's greatest health care institution.