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Fundraising to deliver fishing equipment to the Greek Islands of Lesvos, Samos and Chios to help families improve the diets of their children in camps

After working extensively in Calais, Belgrade, Lesvos and other hot spots over the last few years I have started working on projects I have designed myself, tackling some of the problems i have witnessed refugees encountering on their long journeys. These problems are usually ones outside the remit of larger charities and groups, who are dealing with the massive issues of clothing and feeding so many people. 

This springs project was born out of spending time with fathers fishing on the shores of Lesvos near where I lived while there, and realizing that they were using what ever they could to get food to the tables of their little ones and wives. 

Please understand that this crowdfunder has been active for 3 plus years and has helped fund many projects all over Europe, so the total you see is not what we have for this project. It is the over all figure raised. We have less than £1000 for fishing rods at present and we fly in a week... ( We cover all travel and living costs from our own pockets and will provide receipts for all your donations on our FB group in the receipts folder of the photo section. Had said we provided 10-20 fishing rods  while there, and we will ould fly back in February and buy as many fishing rods as possible for those trying to keep malnutrition from their families. \


each rod will cost over €30 euros and we want to buy qpp, that's only 33 for each of the 3 main islands affected, but it would be a start and enough to make a film to encourage more donations. As well as feeding the children, this project will also keep the fathers and their friends from the boredom of camp life, provide a feeling of self sufficiency in a desperate situation, which raises moral and self-esteem, this in turn alleviates stress from family units, which can make a huge difference to the lives.  Please help us to help them in any way you can. If you want to go and volunteer, we can direct you to a suitable project for you, or if you can just spare a few pounds/euros, that would be great too.



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If you have a skill you think you can offer to people seeking work, or if you speak Farsi, Pashto, French or German and want to get involved sharing your skills with refugees, please get in touch at FB/refugeeaarttrail or

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