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To increase employability and alleviate financial hardships upon children and families in Bristol.


Cooperative is an employment agency that is charitable in law, and supports its members to fight for better wages and working conditions. We provide a full array of employment and training related services for workers, youth and businesses.

WE began out of the desire to contribute to the St. Paul’s community, and we understand the need in the inner suburbs of Bristol, for an employment agency that fills a void left by other agencies.

Thousands of people in Bristol are not in employment and we need your help to tap their potential and build their confidence. In the process we will have identified factors that will help increase social inclusion in Bristol. 

The-Society needs funds for: Premises | Recruiting | Operational costs











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£5 – CV review & writing

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Yes, five pounds. Currently a non-profit, we definitely know how to get by on a budget. When they say that every little helps, we absolutely no what it means. Pitch in a pound today and know that you did what you could to preserve The-Society for years to come.

£10 – 2015 Special seasonal recruiting calendar

It’s that time of the year again!
As the seasons quickly approach, improve your chances, be prepared for all the open requisitions that need to be filled before the end of the year.
Cruise through 2015 and be prepared to offer your talent to employers. Give ten pounds today,and we'll advertise seasonal jobs that you can apply to and grant you quality employment at your fingertips.

£25 – Community Shareholder

The Society began out of my desire to contribute to the St. Paul’s community, just as the community has fed me over the years, but it's up to the members and the community to take The-Society to the next level. Pledge £25 and receive a share certificate and own part of The-Society. Community shareholders receive the brand new 2015 calendar, too!

£50 – Educational Materials for You and your Community

Workers, this one's for my grafters. For the first time ever, we're producing educational booklets and factsheets on many workplace topics –in different languages – all in print-ready PDF format! Our booklet outlines your rights at work, and gives helpful advice on how to protect yourself when you feel your rights are being violated. You'll also receive the special recruitment calendar.

£100 – The-Society Workshop

Once you have been involved in one, it's kind of like an official welcome to the family! Contribute £100 today and partake in a workshop on your rights at work (It’s also a management meeting, of course, on how you can recreate what we are doing at The-Society in your community!) given by me, Effiom. The-Society ‘Workshop’ donors receive previous levels' perks, too! Share certificate not included

£250 – Corporate Sponsorship

Small Businesses, Contractors & Independent Artists we're talking to you! It takes a small business to know a small business - in addition to the previous perks, any businesses contributing £250 or more will get media coverage in our outreaches (Share certificate not included) We will put your company logo on our web site, so get your name out there and claim a piece of Bristol history!

£500 – Board Room Champion!

Not only will our Board Room level donor receive the perks from every other level (Share certificate not included), you will also earn a spot in our organisations history, literally! Send us your picture and we'll dedicate our Board Room to your name and portrait. Sure, we could use your extra advice anyway!

£1,000 – The-Society Weekly Post

Perhaps you've not heard that The-Society has a Radio Broadcast Plan. Seriously, the show is expected to be hot. Ok, we hope to get everyone talking about it and we want to give you a complete local experience. Get a month long jingle on our upcoming show, partake in the planning and outcomes, and you can keep all of the other perks too! (Share certificate not included)

£2,500 – Opportunist

As an opportunist, you will receive an exclusive invitation of fine dining with the board of directors of The-Society. Donors will share an intimate 7-course meal with the board in a location in Nigeria. Additionally, you will be invited to lend your name to a charitable contribution in an African village ( Previous level perks and lodging expenses included)

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