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The Jump is an independent documentary film halfway through production. They are raising $30,000 to finish production and cover the main costs of post-production (editing).

The CB Insights newsletter is a must to subscribe to, and excellently put together by Anand Sawal - if you want to learn about a new sector or industry you have to check him out.

Guest Blog from 91 Ways team. 

Thanks for everyone's support and help with our project, we are getting close to halfway to our target of £20K! 

Guest Blog from Behind 13 creator and director, Rebecca Raymer. 

SOMEWHERE OUT THERE is a dark comedy that challenges the views about how certain types of (often voiceless) women

We are delighted to welcome Omar Barakat to the Fundsurfer team, our new Business Development Director for MENA (Middle East and North Africa) 

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