Updates for 20th Century Flicks: The Future

"She's filled with secrets..."

The week has started excellently with new recruits and an invigorating sense of excitement. The New Place is starting to take shape, like a sculptor uncovering the figure within a block of marble. Despite locking myself in the toilet (note: after removing a door handle to paint a door, put it back on before shutting it behind you) and forgetting to bring any cheese in, great progress has been made. John and Sarah Jane came and painted the ceiling and the walls in the main room. The coffee men came and have serviced and installed the Behemoth (aka La Cimbali M1).

100 Backers! Thank you all!

"Backers! Flicksters! Though we are a tribe of 100 what we accomplish together will echo through eternity! At this pace in 20 days we will not only number an auspicious 300, we will also have achieved our fundraising goal! Our new homeland will be secured and we will rejoice and toast our ancestors, and our descendants will sing songs of our great victory.

So, um...  Thanks everybody!

8 1/2

Hello Flicksters. In just over a week we've almost made it to a third of our total. Thank you all so, so much. When this thing kicked off I wasn't quite prepared for the deluge of love, wishes of success and, from you guys, generous donations that has happened. It's amazing that an idea we've been nurturing for so long has won your vote of confidence. So, sincerely: thanks.


Another 48 Hours....

4 days in and we're already 25% of our way to our aim. Woah. Thank you so much. It's wonderful to have your vote of confidence!

I've added 2 new rewards sinc the launch: The Joanna Hogg Option and The Kathryn Bigelow Option! They are priced at £75 and £20 respectively. Have a looksie and if you think someone you know might be interested in them, please let them know about it.

48 Hours

Day 2 has gone bonzer. I had a nice few hours talking with a guy who's running a piece on us for the weekend Guardian, and chatted to a couple of guys from The Yard on Colston St who claim to have a friend who has in his possession 2 reels of Abel Gance's Napoleon (only in Bristol...) I also ate the best piece of quiche I ever done ate from Beatroot cafe (a future neighbour at the top of the Steps). So Christmas Steps promises to be a very excellent neighbourhood to be part of.