Norwich Green Party for the E.U.

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Norwich Green Party says its Greener IN the European Union during the UK Referendum that takes place on 23rd June 2016.

Norwich Green Party supports the campaign to stay in the European Union during the UK Referendum on the 23rd June 2016. It is the most important vote in a generation.

We believe that the only way to get a European Union that is more democratic, more responsive  to people and that devolves more power to the local level is to stay in the European Union and work with others who share our views.

As part of the Greener In campaign we want to print and deliver 20,000 leaflets to homes in Norwich. To do this we need to raise £1,100.

For as little as £5 you can make a contribution to ensuring that the most important vote is one that will secure our rights to clean air, our employment rights,  fairer trade policies, tougher actions on tax dodging, bolder democratic reforms.

Even if we don't raise the full amount, any contributions will still go towards designing,printing and distributing resources that promote our positive vision for a better, reformed Europe, so please give generously.


Contact Details

Norwich Green Party is  based at 31 Kensington Place Norwich NR1 3JE. The office is usually open Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays but its always best to ring us on 01603 611909 to confirm.    Email:   

facebook    twitter:

Promoted by James Davis on behalf of Norwich Green Party,both c/o 31 Kensington Place, Norwich, NR1 3J£


Get these rewards

£5 – A virtual "high five" from The Leader of Green Group on Norwich City Council.

Get this reward

A personal email thanking you for your support from Martin Shmierer , Leader of the Green Group on Norwich City Council.

£10 – A message and a thank you card from The Leader of The Green Group at NCC

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In addition to your email you will get a signed card by the Leader of the Green Group on Norwich City Council

£20 – Entry into our raffle for "food around Europe" prizes

A selection of speciality food from around Europe.

£30 – A vegetarian meal for two at a local resturant

A two course meal at a local vegetarian resturant. You pay for own drinks and extras.

£50 – A signed copy of Caroline Lucas's latest book "Honerable Friends"

A copy of "Honourable Friends" Parliament and the fight for change by Caroline Lucas.

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