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Dear friends and partners. As we get ready to break for the holidays I wanted to take some time to look back on 2022. This year has been challenging for so many reasons. Thanks to our team we have...
Preparation ✏️ You should spend a minimum of 4-6 weeks getting ready before launching a live campaign. Taking the time to work on the project page copy, design and reward ideas is really important...
We caught up with them to find out how their fundraising is going
A film that we helped produce just had it's premiere
Free resources, access to funding and support for local, community led energy projects
TechRound just announced the winners of their Fintech50 competition - and Fundsurfer placed at number 4!
Getting donations with modern, low cost, low energy crypto systems
We now generate QR codes for all projects automatically
Happy birthday to us!
Empower your supporters to raise funds on your behalf.
What are some creative ways to say thank you?
Welcome back to our annual "best of" awards, for the best fundraising projects of 2021.

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