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We just helped an American documentary feature film raise $175k.
You can now set up a recurring monthly donation to any open ended project
It's like our very own Oscars - here are Fundsurfer's best fundraising projects of 2020
Thank you for your support in 2020!
The winners of the South West Global Growth awards for 2020 have been revealed at a special Insider online forum. Insider 's South West Global Growth Online Forum, sponsored by Burges Salmon and HSBC...
Before you can crowdfund, you need a crowd. That’s why it’s called “crowdfunding” :)
Have a look at some other crowdfunding campaigns to get a feel for how the process works.
Use our crowdfunding app to help you and your business get through lockdown.
We've got a new website just for our impact investment projects!
What have we been up to over the past year?
Woohoo! We've just passed 1 million pounds pledged to crowdfunding projects on Fundsurfer.

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